Anathi Project of Sri Lanka

Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home, Chettipalayam

Residents of Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home, Chettipalayam
Above and below: Residents of Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home, Chettipalayam presented Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home, Chettipalayam, with children's art supplies, milk powder, food supplements and vitamins on 2 April 2005. Project Coordinator Patrick Harrigan is seen presenting art supplies to Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home administrator Ms. Sasikala.

Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home, Chettipalayam, consists of 80 girls ages 8-18 and five matrons. These 85 individuals live in a decrepit single family dwelling with a small extension hall for the younger girls. All 85 share a single well and four toilets. When first visited the home, there was also a severe drainage problem with so many people using one well that drained onto the home premises. immediately arranged for construction of a large septic tank, so the drainage problem is solved but a host of other health, nutritional, educational, etc. issues remain to be addressed.

Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home today actually consists of the residents of two girls' homes that were consolidated into one home due to lack of finance to maintain both homes. The other home in nearby Kaluwanchikudy had to be closed do to the inability of the host society, the Social Welfare Organization of Kaluwanchikudy, to pay high rent on that building.

Despite the cramped and crowded conditions, the girls and staff of Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home are remarkably cheerful, living harmoniously together and taking their studies seriously. would like to place a full time lady volunteer to look after the girls here and at the nearby Palugamam and Sakthi Illam homes as well. If you would like to spend time with these girls as a volunteer, or if you would like to sponsor some of the home's immediate needs, kindly contact the Project Coordinator Patrick Harrigan.

Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home needs:

  • Telephone connection: US$240 connection fee + ca. $25/mo. for calls
  • Almirahs (4) metal closets for the girls to store their belongings
  • Additional line of toilets
  • Computer: $700 for complete desktop system
  • Shoes for all 80 girls
  • Color television

Contact details

Ms. Sasikala, Director
Thilagavathiyar Girls' Home
Chettipalayam, Batticaloa district
Tel: +94 65 225-0189

Cheque, drafts, and money orders should be drawn in favour of "Social Welfare Organization":
Account No. 20275, People's Bank, Kaluwanchikudy, Batticaloa