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Sri Kanaka Thurkai Amman Boys' Home, Kathiraveli

Sri Kanaka Thurkai Amman Boys' Home, Kathiraveli
Sri Kanaka Thurkai Amman Boys' Home, Kathiraveli
Sri Kanaka Thurkai Amman Boys' Home, Kathiraveli

Sri Kanaka Thurkai Amman Boys' Home, Kathiraveli, submits herewith its appeal seeking financial aid for a hostel building for the orphaned children with improved facilities including a study hall, kitchen, water tank, toilets, and furniture.

The main difficulty we face now is the absence of a hostel to provide shelter to 42 helpless boy orphans who are really the descendants of the Vedda families and the victims of the civil war that lasted over a period of 20 years which has caused numerous problems, particularly to boys and girls in the North East Province. The loss of beloved parents, valuable assets, permanent injuries, displacement, separation from family members, prolonged refugee life, and numerous restrictions which have caused mental trauma, frustration, worries, tension, fear of life, insecurity and loss of credibility. As a result of combination of these factors, you could note that stress related diseases, disunity among communities are on the increase and these have led to a steady decline in the health of mind and bodies of the children.

However, to overcome these hurdles education, food, clothing, shelter and medical care are integrated into our children's development program, which focuses on the improvement of these disrupted livelihoods for helpless children from the age of five years onwards.

Regarding funds, though most of file children have been sponsored by the London Sri Kanagathurkkai Amman Hindu Temple Trust and a few good hearted migrated Tamil families in foreign countries, their assistance is sufficient only to meet the daily maintenance of the children. We cannot do any saving out of this fund since we face immense difficulties to cope with the day to day increase of prices of almost all commodities in the market.

Presently our children are boarded in an old co-operative building which the co-operative now requires for their use.

During the last tsunami disaster of 26.12.2004, our children ran for safety from the hostels with their heels touching their back as sea water spread everywhere including into the hostel building

Under these harsh circumstances we appeal to your good self to heed this urgent call and pledge necessary financial aid to this auspicious cause please.

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Sri Kanaka Thurkai Amman Boys' Home
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