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Hari Children's Home, Kallady

Hari Children's Home, Kallady, now has milk cows
Hari Children's Home, Kallady, now has milk cows and a new cow shed. Photo 2008

Hari Children's Home, Kallady, submits herewith its appeal seeking financial aid for maintenance of the orphaned boys now living in abject conditions in an open hall on Children's Home Road, Kallady, Batticaloa.

If you are willing you can assist by joining forces with other NGOs or PVOs to pool resources and make the project a successful one. We may be able assist from our end.

We shall be thankful if you could kindly consider this proposal and offer as with financial support please.

With regards and best wishes.

Yours sincerely,

S. Chandrakumar
Hari Children's Home

Description Unit Estimate in Rs.
Food and medicines Per person per month 2,000
Tuition support Per person per month 500
Bicycle to travel to school Per bike 7,000
Building Repairs Once 200,000
Furniture Once 100,000
Kitchen utensils Once 100,000
Maintenance and administration Sum per month 15,000

Contact details

S. Chandrakumar, President
Hari Children's Home
155/1, New Kalmunai Road
Kallady, Batticaloa
Bank account: Bank of Ceylon, Batticaloa branch
Savings Account No: 10489644
Tel: +94 60-265-7285
Cell: +94-77-902-8697
e-mail: contact