Anathi Project of Sri Lanka

Help Tsunami Affected Children's Homes with the gift of a Computer

Gurukulam reduced to rubble
Tiru Navukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam, Tambiluvil was reduced to rubble by the tsunami. One child and two staff died; all the other boys barely escaped with their lives.
Gurukulam office
Gurukulam office, (above) including documents and computer system, was also destroyed by the tsunami.
new desktop pc for Gurukulam on 8 Feb 2005 presented newly relocated Gurukulam residents with a complete new desktop computer system donated by Kauai's Hindu Monastery of Hawaii.
Foreign volunteers teach English and basic computer operation
Foreign volunteers are needed to teach English and basic computer operation in children's homes all along the east coast. See the list of children's homes.

The Eelam Nation of 14 February 2005

The Living Heritage Trust of Sri Lanka in association with the Ampara Economic Recovery Organization (AERO) is offering a novel way to assist a number of orphanages in Sri Lanka impacted by the tsunami.

"Our Sri Lankan NGO the Living Heritage Trust has undertaken, among other disaster relief projects, one that aims to connect donors with particular orphanages in tsunami-affected areas of the east coast of Sri Lanka," says project coordinator Patrick Harrigan.

The project web site, was launched only days ago but already provides complete contact information for nine children's homes, with more homes being added almost daily.

In time, each orphanage will have its one web presence on this site, so that each can tell the world its own story.

This is an alternative to a general donation to UNICEF, for example, and ensures not only that the money reaches the children, but that donors around the world can even select the home and correspond with them directly.

In response to a teacher in America who wanted her class to adopt an orphanage there, Harrigan pointed out that by providing a computer system to the orphanage at a cost of US$700, her students could be in direct touch with the children at the orphanage.

"This way, the teacher initiates two-way learning between her students and the children in Sri Lanka," Harrigan adds.

How to make a gift of a new computer to a children's home

Any individual, group of individuals, society, or agency may gift a complete new desktop computer system to the childrens home of their choice. The cost is only US$700, and includes setup and delivery as well as a complementary e-mail ID (e.g. and unlimited home page facility on web site. desktop computers, purchased new with warranty from PC House, a reputable computer chain, currently consist of the following configuration:
  • Gigabyte motherboard
  • 2.4 gigahertz Pentium 4 processor
  • 40 gb hard drive
  • 256 mb RAM
  • 17" Philips color monitor
  • keyboard & optical mouse
  • Sony 52x CD ROM drive
  • 56 k internal modem
  • floppy drive
  • headset (for voice communication)
  • Hewlett-Packard color inkjet printer
  • UPS electrical supply
  • Dust cover
  • Printer ink refill kit

  • Donors may affect payment of US$700 either through the selected children's home, or through, or even through the supplier PC House Pvt Ltd, Kalmunai branch. Enquiries may be directed to Program Coordinator Patrick Harrigan.

    Patrick Harrigan Project Coordinator
    Living Heritage Disaster Relief
    Regional field office
    Tiruchendur Road
    Kallady, (Batticaloa District) Sri Lanka
    Telefax: +94 65 2227155
    Cell: +94 77 3184484