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Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home, Sittandy

Children of Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home, Sittandi
Children of Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home, Sittandi
Children of Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home, Sittandi
Children of Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home
Children of Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home on 19 June 2007

Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home was established on 19 March 1999 for the sole purpose of providing a brighter future for girls who have lost their parents due to the ethnic conflict and natural disasters. The administration of this home is handled by a Board of seven members, under the guidance of the Sivathondan Society.

At first we managed our home with the assistance given by the public, especially Tamil businessmen of Batticaloa district. Initially we had 15 girls; that number has since grown to 40 girls. We still depend upon help from the public, as we have not received any help to date from the Government or from NGOs.

Because of this, residents of Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home undergo tremendous hardship and problems. We sometimes have to go from house to house to raise funds. Due to the prevailing economic conditions, we find it very difficult to make ends meets. The average expenditure for one child is Rs. 100 (US$1) per day, so we need approximately Rs. 4,000 per day. Hence for a month we need Rs 120,000.

In spite of all these expenditures, this Home is just surviving with so many heartaches. The land upon which our Home is situated was donated by the London Orphanage Trust. We have also been provided with a three-wheeler by the Ministry of Hindu Affairs.

Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home is in need of many basic essentials. We do not have a proper hostel, nor do we have a shrine room. All our girls are going to school, yet teachers are reluctant to give private classes within our premises without payment.

Contact details

Yogaswami Hindu Girls' Home
Main Street
Sittandy - 30378, Batticaloa district
Registration no. HA/4/BAT/238
Bankers: Peoples Bank, Chenkalady branch
Account no. 265-032110-2
Tel: (+94) 602650536
e-mail: Patrick Harrigan