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Shanti Bhavan Girls Home

Shanti Bhavan Girls Home: 24 girls, ages 6-14.

Shanti Bhavan is home to twenty-four girls aged 6 to 14. All twenty-four are orphans, three from the tsunami. Forced to confront issues which we strive to keep children away from, their maturity belies their age.

One of the younger girls at the home suffers from autism and requires extra care. Not all the caregivers are trained in this area and therefore are not fully aware of her needs. She is however well integrated into the home and treated for the most part as an equal although she is given a little more leeway. She seemed to relish and flourish under the added attention given by volunteers, as do all the children.

The home itself is in a dilapidated state. It lacks the everyday amenities which are taken for granted in the west. The lack of a fridge makes it impossible to store food, whilst the absence of light bulbs in the classroom makes studying difficult in the evenings. In the mornings the girls queue for washing space around the one well.

Nevertheless, like all of Father Paul's homes, Shanti Bhavan does have a homely feel and a welcoming spirit. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Living heritage, or father Paul directly.

  • Needs:
  • Classroom plastered and decorated
  • Light bulbs
  • More storage
  • Sleeping mats
  • Fridge
  • Fencing at the back of the property
  • Phone Line


    The Shanti Bhavan girls do a dance.



    To donate, contact:
    Reverend Father Paul Satunanayagam, S.J.
    No- 01 Jesuit Street
    Sri Lanka
    +94 -65-222-2842
    +94 -65-222-2983
    About Father Paul

    To Volunteer, contact: Patrick Harrigan, Coordinator Project
    Living Heritage Trust of Sri Lanka
    Disaster Relief Field Office
    Tiruchendur, Kallady
    Batticaloa, Sri Lanka
    Tel. +94-65 222-5624
    Cell. +94-77 318-4484