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Jeevan Boys' Home

...You are the Jeevan Boys

Jeevan Boys Home:  19 boys, ages 6-13

Father Paul's homes are all truly unique in that the children, despite the obvious hardships they have all had to endure are confident, welcoming and excitable. What the homes lack in basic facilities they definitely make up for in love and friendship.

The Jeevan Boys' Home is filled with rascals and mischief makers, all lovable in their own way. Their energy and resources are truly amazing. If they didn't have the inconvenience of school and study they really would play cricket all day long!

Since the tragic events of December 26th there has been a steady influx of boys. Some of them are extremely traumatised, they all are in need of love and attention. That said they have two wonderful matrons: Philemina, the maternal figure in the home, and in Sahayam, a big brother figure who teaches the boys electronics and plays games with them. There is also an excellent cook.

The home is located just outside of Batticaloa town centre. Unfortunately, it is close to a police camp which is surrounded by mine fields and barbed wire--we have been assured that the mines are inactive. Although there is a fence separating the two areas, it is in a very poor condition, and there are no warning signs around the perimeter. The boys may be at risk – not that they seem in the least bit worried, cricket practise must continue at any cost!

The home lacks such basic amenities as a phone line and storage space. What concerns us more, however, is the lack of basic tuition after school. Most of Father Paul's other homes have extra-curricular tuition classes, but, as the home is outside of Batticaloa town, no tutors come to teach there. If you would like to make a donation, please contact Living Heritage.


  • Proper fences erected due to mines
  • Phone line
  • Classroom/ Blackboard
  • Proper extra-curricular tuition classes
  • Better dining area
  • More storage
  • Sleeping Mats

To donate to this home, please contact:
Patrick Harrigan, Project Coordinator

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